Burstow Park School

Why Choose Us

We offer education, of course, but in a relaxed, calm setting where children can feel comfortable.  We even have our own Emotional Support Animal – a lovely, gentle miniature dachshund named Beanz.

At Burstow Park, we understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to education simply does not suit all children, particularly those who may have had difficult experiences during their primary years.

Many of the pupils who come to Burstow Park have social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs; they may have missed a lot of school, or possibly been excluded, or felt marginalised as a result of these factors.

We understand this and it is why we offer a ‘bespoke’ approach to education for each child who joins us.  By tailoring our curriculum and timetable, we will endeavour to enable our pupils to achieve their ambitions, goals and aspirations in all aspects of their lives. 

In collaboration with local authorities, parents, carers and professionals, we will do our utmost to offer every child the opportunity to achieve the best educational and social outcomes from their time in secondary education.  We will recognise their strengths, celebrate their achievements, build their self-esteem and value their uniqueness.

A solid foundation, built on understanding and structure, will enable our pupils to maximise their potential and seize opportunities, setting them on the path to a fulfilling and positive future.