Burstow Park School

How to Apply

All placements at Burstow Park School come via consultations from the local authority responsible for each individual child.  Each local authority has a slightly different consultation process, but an Educational Health Care Plan, together with recent reports from professionals will be used to inform the decisions made. It is very important that the best possible choice of school is made for each and every pupil. 

This consultation process between the local authority and Burstow Park School will determine whether the school can meet the needs of the pupil concerned. If a place is offered and accepted, then a start date and transition plan will be agreed.  Transport to and from school is arranged by the parent/carer and the local authority.  Further information can be found in our Admissions Policy.

We provide day placements only.  We do not provide residential services. 

We currently accept consultations for placements from Local Authority SEND Casework teams.   Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s Placement / Case Worker if they feel Burstow Park School can meet their child’s needs and they would like to be considered for a placement.

Contact Details for Admissions

Parents and carers can book  a visit, or access more general school information by contacting the school office:  Tel: 01293 226940    Email: bps@burstowparkschool.org

Local Authority placing officers, SEN teams are welcome to contact directly for more information:

Dr Emma Slaughter, Proprietor
Email: emmaslaughter@burstowparkschool.org