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Our Blended Learning Centre, based in Redhill, offers an alternative pathway for students who are not yet able to access full-time, on-site provision from day 1 of a placement.  The reasons for this will vary and can, for example, range from pupils having very high levels of anxiety or hyper-sensory needs, to there being a need to develop positive behaviours for learning before transferring to our main school site.     

We offer a fully bespoke and tailored transition into full-time school.  Students develop skills to be active and successful learners, alongside a fully differentiated and bespoke curriculum which addresses gaps in learning, pre-teaches key concepts in readiness for successful learning and instils learner confidence.  The Blended Learning Pathway has three separate aspects - one third is delivered face to face on-site through 1:1 and small group teaching, one third is delivered remotely via Teams or Google Classroom and one third is independent learning set by the student’s personal tutor.

Students enrolled with us benefit from a personalised timetable with a mixture of on-site provision (1:1 or 1:2 as required) and remotely delivered learning.  The aim is to support your child to be able to successfully access full-time, on-site provision at our main school site within a timescale that is achievable for them.  Once a child is at the stage of being able to access full-time, they are supported to transition to our main school site. 

The Blended Learning Centre  is a fully refurbished and modern provision which offers a 1:1, 1:2 and small group (2:4) learning environment, all within a nurturing, low-arousal and predictable environment.  Led by highly qualified and experienced staff, we are able to meet the needs of students who have a range of educational and social needs, using evidenced-based, contemporary and high-quality teaching methods.

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