Burstow Park School



We have high expectations of everyone who is part of the whole-school community of Burstow Park School.  This includes pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors.  We expect that everyone will treat others with respect regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability and, in return, will be treated equally respectfully.  We do not tolerate physical assault, or bullying of any kind, including verbal, non-verbal, direct or indirect abuse.  Please see our Behaviour Policy for a full explanation.

We are all aware that the behaviour of our pupils can be challenging, but our ethos of inclusion, understanding and resolution means that we are usually able to quietly resolve issues as they arise.  If a more formalised solution is required, then we will use a restorative justice approach (explained below) and exclusions are kept to a minimum.  Usually a formal warning to pupil, parent/carer and local authority will result in improved behaviour.  However, as a last resort, we will exclude pupils for a fixed period, following the Statutory Guidance on School Exclusions September 2017.  Please see our Exclusions Policy for further information.